since 1989

Over 30 years of experience

The typography and the graphic chain are the assets of jim.b. Its 30 years of experience and its network of partners make it possible to offer optimal and professional quality in order to meet the requirements of its customers.

A direct partnership with long-term collaborators allows us to offer complete solutions in terms of: signage, design, strategy and graphic design, publishing, websites, logos, brochures, leaflets, annual reports, books, visual identity, graphic charter, packaging, branding, digital magazines and magazines.

A multicultural journey

Jim Bhasin, founder of jim.b was born in New-Delhi but grew up in Brussels! Hindi, Belgian, English, French and Spanish are so many languages ​​and cultures that have made its mark on the many communication projects developed in Geneva since 1992. Rich years of experience in agency at L'Essai then L'atelier Stojan and Alternative forged his style and his convictions to lead to the creation of jim.b in 2003.
Multiculturalism being based on exchanges, jim.b naturally collaborates with other creative partners which allows me to propose a global offer.


The years pass, and things evolve. But nothing will ever replace paper. Graphic design, typography, a methodical approach, attention to detail, fonts, lowercase…
A range of expressions that will bring your documents alive !


Design, Analysis of movement flows, research of materials, production, execution, site supervision.

Visual Identity

The logo is the origin of your administrative set, your identity, and the mark which makes you unique: the image of your business

Responsive Web

Adapted to fit all sizes: computer, tablet or smartphone. One site for all, all for one site. A series of websites were created, be it designed or programmed. Most importantly, don’t suppose that your website would be limited to the examples here. Your personality will dictate your design !

Some latest projects

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